This latest Tech Tip will help financial advisors learn how to leverage Orion financial technology

Make Orion’s Integrations the Building Blocks of Your Tech Stack

Over the past few months, Orion has added several integrations with leading fintech partners, including factorE, Riskalyze, Benjamin, and our new Financial Planning tool, powered by Advizr, to help you continue to build the tech stack that works best for your firm.

So, how do you start leveraging these innovative integrations?

Read on as we dive into the Integrations Center within Orion Connect and explain how you can find, research, and set up an integration in order to build your tech stack—for this week’s Tech Tip.

Accessing the Integrations Center

If you don’t see the Integrations app in Orion Connect, navigate to the Manage Users app and select “Roles.” From there, you can enable the Integrations app for any advisor-level users in your firm who you want to have access to integrations. Next, open the Integrations app by navigating back to the main dashboard and clicking on the app tile.

Orion Connect Integrations App Tile

Browsing Orion Integrations

Now that you have access to the Integrations Center app, you can start exploring the 70-plus integrations we offer within Orion Connect. New and featured integrations are located at the top of the screen. The rest are arranged alphabetically. You can either scroll or use the search feature on the right side of the screen to find the integration you’re looking for.

Orion Connect Integrations Center

Each integration is presented as a tile with the name of the integration partner, their logo, a short summary of what the integration can do for your tech stack, and a “Learn More” link, which opens a new window that includes additional information about the integration.

factorE integration tile within Orion Connect

The dedicated page contains a summary of the partner company along with more information about the integration, including screenshots, tutorial videos, and pricing, as well as “Support Details” that will help you set up the integration.

factorE integration details within Orion Connect

Setting Up an Integration

Depending on what integration you want to set up, you  can either make the connection on your own or work with our Integrations Team to complete the process.

Set-up Wizard

About 15 percent of our integrations are enabled with a user setup wizard. These can be identified by the blue “Add” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. (You might also see a green “Edit” button, which indicates the integration setup has already been completed.)

Orion Connect Integrations Center

For these integrations, simply click the blue “Add” button to open the setup wizard, You can then follow the on-screen instructions. 

Support Details

The majority of our integrations will provide installation instructions or quick setup guides, such as the one shown below for Hidden Levers.

How to set up an integration within Orion Connect

Orion Integrations Team Setup

From time to time, you may encounter an integration that does not have a setup wizard or setup instructions. In such an instance, you will need to contact the Orion Integrations Team to complete the setup.


Need help building your tech stack by having an integration configured in Orion Connect? Contact the Orion Integrations Team via the online chat in Orion Connect. You can also email or call 888.695.0523.


Orion does not endorse any particular third-party product or service. Our clients should undertake their own assessments to determine whether these parties meet their business and due diligence requirements.