Recalculating Live Bills

Have you ever wondered how to fix or rerun a client’s bill? With Orion’s technology, you have the ability to recalculate a client’s bill to reflect changes such as an updated fee schedule, updated asset exclusion, change of billing settings, and more. In this week’s Tech Tip, we will discuss two ways to rerun a client’s bill – prior to creating fee files or after creating fee files.

Prior to Creating Fee Files

If fee files have not yet been created, you can make edits and recalculate a client’s bill within their bill instance. Once fee files are created, the bill is set to “Complete” status, and you will no longer have the ability to alter bills.

When in the bill instance, you can right click on the applicable household to make the necessary edits. Alternatively, you can make edits in the Billing Audit app. If you are not able to make edits, it could be that your database is in Billing Lockdown. To remove the lockdown, go to the Bill Generator > Bill Instance > Actions > Lockdown Maintenance.

After you have made the necessary edits, right click on the household in the instance and click Delete Selected Bill. This will put the bill into “Not Generated” status. You will then be able to regenerate the bill based on the changes you made by right-clicking on the household and clicking on Generate Selected. If you have multiple households that you’d like to recalculate, you can select multiple households to delete and regenerate them at the same time by clicking on Step 1, Generate All. It’s important to note that if you are recalculating a bill for a household that is related to other households, it will delete all applicable households in the relationship. That way, you can regenerate them together at the same time, ensuring they will aggregate correctly.

After recalculating a bill, we recommend clicking Create on Step 2 Review Bills to make a new set of audit files. This process can be completed as many times as needed until the bills are accurate.

After Creating Fee Files

After fee files are created, the bill instance is set to “Complete” status, and you are unable to make changes or recalculate the bills inside the instance. If you have not uploaded your fee file and you would like to make changes to bills, Orion’s SME Billing team can reset your fee files. This will enable you to recalculate bills in your instance. If you have uploaded the fee file and collected the fees at the custodian, it is a best practice to recalculate a household’s bill through the Recalculate Bill tool. It’s important to note that recalculating a bill overrides the original bill as if it never existed, so please run an original invoice if necessary prior to recalculating.

Simply navigate to the Bill Generator app within the Bill Instance tab. Click Actions and select Recalculate Bill.

If you are recalculating a household that is related to another, you must recalculate all households together through the import. This will ensure the correct aggregate value is used. To recalculate a single household, select the Household radio button, search for the applicable household, select the applicable Bill in the dropdown, and click Recalculate. You will then be directed into a new bill instance for this household. Here you can create a set of audit files to review as well as a fee file as you would in a regular bill.

To recalculate multiple households at the same time, select the Import Re-runs from List radio button. Click Download File Template and enter in the applicable Bill IDs that are associated with the original bill for each household in column A of the spreadsheet. You can find the Bill IDs by navigating into your original bill instance and locating the Bill ID column toward the right hand side of the grid.

Once the template is complete, save the spreadsheet, click Select File to Import, and select the template spreadsheet. After the Bill IDs appear, click Recalculate.

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