Viewing Cost Basis by Asset in Portfolio Audit

With so much functionality, Portfolio Audit is one of, if not the most, popular app in Orion Connect. In this week’s Tech Tip, we’ll explore how to view cost basis by asset within the Portfolio Audit app.


Keeping track of an asset’s cost is a crucial step in securities reporting. The cost basis of an asset shows whether the investment had a loss or gain and what the tax consequences for the investor will be.

Within the Portfolio Audit app, you can explore the cost basis of an asset by adding the “Include Cost Basis Tool.”


Using the “Include Cost Basis Tool” gives you a quick look at the asset’s cost basis without having to run a report or data query, saving you time and streamlining efficiency.


To access the “Include Cost Basis Tool:”

  1. Launch the Portfolio Audit app.
  2. Navigate to a Household or an Account.
  3. Once you are at the Household or Account level, right-click and choose “Assets.”
  4. From there, add the “Cost Basis” column to your view.
  5. Navigate to the right side of your screen and click on the “Columns” drop-down, then select “show disabled columns.” Then check the box for the Cost Basis column.
  6. Next, select the gear tab on the top right of the screen, and set “Include Cost Basis” to “Yes.”

From here, you can save a new view so that Cost Basis will be included each time you load the Assets screen.

Congratulations on saving time and energy with the Portfolio Audit app!

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