Why Advisors Need Tech Solutions To Succeed

Tech drives all aspects of modern life. It’s so omnipresent that we sometimes take it for granted. But think about the last time you listened to music, drove somewhere, or ordered takeout without an assist from technology. Yeah, we can’t remember it, either.

Tech permeates your business life, too. At this point, embracing tech solutions are table stakes in running any organization. But as an advisor, when you select the right tech for your business and use it the right way, you can get ahead of the competition.

Let’s look at why today’s advisors are lost without tech solutions and how exactly you can leverage tech to fuel your success.

Smarter Scaling

Every ambitious advisor wants to grow their business. Whether you’re a part of the firm leadership who wants to raise total AUM or an individual advisor looking to outpace colleagues and earn a healthy bonus, growth is part of the game. And to expand with agility, you need to create a system to support that boom before you pursue additional business.

Your firm may not need a CRM to keep track of client relationships today or tomorrow, but you may need one next year. And that’s why now is the best time to implement the technology you need for the next phase of your business. The last thing you want to do when you’re capitalizing on the momentum of growth is to stop and shop around for tech solutions.

Lay your tech groundwork today so you’re in a position to scale without friction tomorrow.

Focusing on Highest-Value Work

Have you ever tracked how you spend your time each day? If you haven’t, you’d likely be shocked by the amount of time you spend on rote, low-value work. From scheduling meetings to fiddling with graphics in your proposals, these small but time-consuming tasks pull you away from your highest-value work. You can’t be closing with new business when you’re tinkering away in PowerPoint.

The right tech solutions automate many of the tedious and repetitive tasks that make up any workday. A custom proposal generator requires initial setup and then produces client-ready presentations from that point on. A tool that connects to a client’s portfolio and automatically inputs their holdings saves you from manually uploading their information into your solution.

The more of these low-value tasks you can remove from your to-do list, the more time you have to invest in high-value work, like building client relationships, providing meaningful guidance and growing AUM.

Filling in the Gaps

Even the best advisor or firm in the world has weak spots. Technology can help you shore up the whole of your business.

When you partner with the right tech provider, you can build out a tech stack that serves the specific needs of your team. In joining ORION, we’ve unlocked the opportunity for our clients to choose from a whole host of technology solutions that plug any holes in knowledge, expertise or bandwidth.

If your firm lacks a full-time CCO, BasisCode’s compliance platform can take some of the pressure off of your internal compliance champions. If you want a deeper understanding of your firm’s and clients’ performance, ORION’s reporting solution can meet your needs.

The right tech stack empowers you to provide a well-rounded experience to your clients.

Creating the Future You Want

You’ve got big plans to grow your advisory firm and career, and when you partner with the right tech provider, you can help shape the future of your tech solutions, too.

There’s a difference between a tech provider who simply sends you an invoice for its platform every month and one who serves as a true partner. When you team up with a collaboratively-minded tech company, they crave input from clients like you.

They’re invested in your success, and when you share your needs, it informs your tech partner’s roadmap. The feedback you provide helps your tech partner improve its offerings for everyone while giving you the new features and products you need to flourish.

Technology is an essential part of any modern business. But for advisors, it’s about selecting the right tech solutions. Not all fintech firms can provide you with the help you need. That’s why a partner like ORION, who understands the advisor community and partners with firms to find the solutions they need, is essential to long-term success.

Learn how the dynamic fintech combination of HiddenLevers and ORION can help you better serve your clients.

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