How Co-Browsing in Orion Connect Makes Support Even Simpler

If you’ve called into technical support at any company, it’s likely you’ve run into a scenario like this one. You’re trying to explain what you’re looking at, whether it’s a software application or a new router you just purchased, but you aren’t sure how to say what it is you’re looking at or doing.

Sometimes, if you aren’t sure to communicate exactly what you’re seeing, it can lead a frustrating experience.

We want to make all your support interactions with Orion as positive we can, and that’s why we’re excited to announce our newest feature today. Say hello to Co-browsing in Orion Connect.

What is Co-Browsing?

Co-browsing is a seamless screen sharing experience in Orion Connect.

You can now allow an Orion team member to see your screen the next time you’re on the phone or using online chat with one of our Support Teams. Even better, you can give them the option to take control of your mouse to complete an action for you or show you exactly what to do in the system.


How Co-Browsing Creates a Great Support Experience

Let’s go back to the example we started this post with. If you’re a new user to Orion Connect, or you’re expanding your skills in the system, you may not always know the right word to use to tell an Orion SME where you are or what you want to accomplish.

Co-browsing does away with this “lost in translation” possibility. The experience simulates an in-room interaction so you and the team member you’re chatting with can be on exactly the same page.

And we’ve saved the best for last. There’s nothing you need to install to enable this great new feature. You can expect co-browsing to make its appearance in early 2018.

If you’ve ever needed a little extra boost to complete a task or find the right place to go in an app, the addition of co-browsing will make your day a little smoother.

Try it out the next time you have a question. We’ll be happy to help.



About Joe Leyboldt
Joe Leyboldt serves as the Director of Orion's Technology Support. Joe is a native of Arizona and loves running, coffee, Nebraska football, and skinny jeans.