Four Ways Advizr Is Now More Customizable Than Ever

At Orion, we don’t believe it’s enough to offer blanket, one-size-fits-all advisor technologies to our firms. After all, your firm is unique, from its size to its operational processes to its target market. And that means your guidelines for rep roles and responsibilities are probably different from the firm down the street. That’s why we’ve put settings in place for our solutions — such as billing, reporting, and client engagement — to allow you and your reps to work within your specific guidelines.  

We want to bring that level of customization and flexibility to your financial planning experience, as well. So we’re offering four brand new updates to Advizr.

Capital Market Assumptions:

Capital market assumptions include the expected returns, standard deviations, and correlation estimates for the long-term risk/return forecasts as they apply to various asset classes. 

Previously, within Advizr, capital market assumptions defaulted and were constrained to the JP Morgan Capital Market Assumptions. Thanks to valuable client feedback, we learned there’s a desire to further customize these assumptions to align firm-specific beliefs.

Now, at the firm level, you’re able to customize the capital market assumptions you want to see in order to interpret the performances that are important to you and your clients. Specifically, firms can create their own asset classes, set the asset class return and standard deviation, and upload a correlation matrix for Monte Carlo calculations.

Firm-Level Settings:

The General and Assumptions tabs within Advizr are being replaced with “My Settings” and “Firm Settings” in order to give firms more control over the plan assumptions and disclosures advisors are using with clients.

Previously, plan assumptions and disclosures were done at the advisor level; now, they can be addressed at the firm level as well. Additionally, logos — which could historically be changed by anyone in the firm — can now be secured so that only firm-level admins have access to change them. 


Quovo, a data platform providing connectivity to millions of financial accounts across thousands of institutions, integrates with Orion to provide expanded account aggregation services. Within Advizr, Quovo was previously a firm-level setting — meaning that if you wanted to use it for one household, it was turned on for all households. 

Now, Quovo is a client-level setting. You can toggle the feature “on” for households you want to use it for, and “off” for households to which it doesn’t apply. And since there’s a fee to use Quovo, whether incurred by you or passed along to your clients, you can now limit costs to just households that warrant the additional service.

Advisor Contact Information:

Customizability and flexibility go a long way toward improving the client experience, too. So we updated the client portal to include an “Ask Advisor” button with the financial advisor’s name, phone number, and photo, as well as a place to send a message, which is ideal if your client has a quick, easy question that doesn’t warrant a meeting or phone call. 

There’s also a link to a dynamic scheduling tool that will allow clients to book meetings with advisors right from the portal itself.


You run your firm your way — your financial planning offering should be tailored to your unique needs, too.

Interested in learning more about financial planning powered by Advizr? Check out a short video here

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