Orion and Schwab Announce Launch of New Digital Account Open Tool at Ascent on the Road

What better way to announce a new game-changing integration than at Orion’s flagship event, Ascent on the Road?

Ascent is Orion’s training platform brought to life in conference form, taking place in several cities across the nation. At Ascent, advisors spend face-to-face time with Orion’s subject matter experts — in addition to their peers — to learn, train, and build a deeper understanding of their technology.

With Schwab co-headlining in San Francisco, the event was the perfect opportunity to share our new Digital Account Open workflow with advisors.

What is Schwab’s Digital Account Open Workflow?

Orion’s new integration with Schwab streamlines the account opening process, but with a new twist. It’s all digital! No more stacks of paperwork, constant back and forth with clients, or snail mail. This new, more efficient solution saves time for both advisors and their clients, reducing the potential for errors—such as fields left blank or completed incorrectly—and the time it takes to open new accounts. In minutes, data can be pushed from pending accounts in Orion’s New Account Center to Schwab’s new account workflow, populating the required fields automatically and digitally!

During a joint main stage presentation and a Schwab-led breakout session at the San Francisco event, advisors saw a live demo of the workflow. Below is a summary of what they saw.

Setting up and using the integration is simple:

Setting up the integration:

  1. Go to the Charles Schwab app (which can be enabled in Manage Users > Apps > Integrations > Charles Schwab), click on the app, and follow enrollment instructions.
  2. Enable the Schwab Digital Account Opening Privilege in Manage Users (Roles > Privileges > Actions > Integrations > Schwab Digital Account Opening)

Using the Integration:

  1. Find the shell account that you want to send to Schwab in the New Accounts Center.
  2. Right-click on the account and select “Schwab New Account” to send the account into the Schwab Digital Account Opening system.
    1. Adjust your browser settings to allow pop-ups from Schwab so the new window opens.
  3. Follow the steps in Schwab’s system to complete the forms and send them to the client for review and signature.
  4. Once the client digitally signs the forms, the account will be processed and opened automatically.

To learn how you can open Schwab accounts with increased efficiency, register for a webinar on July 12 at 11 a.m. CT.